General terms and condicions of contract


Last updated on March 1, 2023.

This document contains the information that you and any additional drivers, if applicable, must be aware of regarding your rental. By reading this document, you acknowledge that you understand and accept these conditions in their entirety. The Rental Terms and Conditions will govern your rental agreement as a general rule, although there may be changes to them in certain cases, which would be reflected in your contract document in all instances.

The company that provides you with the service is MINICAR PONS, S.A., located at Avenida de Falset, 138, Reus, with VAT number A-43.042.274, operating under its trade name RENTALK50, hereinafter referred to as RTK50. This may not necessarily be the same company with which you make the rental reservation.

To make a reservation, change or modify an existing reservation, please contact our reservation team by phone at +34 877 990 298 or via email at the following address:

To provide feedback during or after your rental, please contact the following email address:


Driving license requirements.

When picking up the vehicle, both the main driver and additional drivers must present their valid original driving license (category B) throughout the rental period. We can only accept original documents or, alternatively, the electronic driving license provided by the DGT through their "mi dgt" application.

You can download the application at the following link:

Please note that the electronic driving license only authorizes you to drive within the Spanish territory. If you plan to drive in other countries, you must have the physical original license with you.

You will be able to rent one of our vehicles as long as you meet the following conditions:

You must be at least 21 years old and under 85 years old, and possess a valid driver's license for the entire rental period. For vehicle groups: A-AS-B-BH-C-CS-VA-VB-VC-VD, the driver must have a minimum of 2 years of driving experience. For other vehicles, the driver must be over 23 years old with the same requirements of driving experience and validity. If you or any of the drivers are under 23 years old, each one will have to pay an additional young driver surcharge. The cost of this surcharge is €14.60 including VAT, per day and per driver. If you rent the vehicle for more than 10 days, you will only be charged a maximum of 10 days, and the full coverage will apply for the remainder of the contract, up to a maximum of 30 days.

You may drive one of our vehicles if you have a valid driver's license issued in any country of the European Union or the European Economic Area (Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway). You may be required to present your driver's license accompanied by the International Driving Permit if your document has been issued outside the EU. This requirement applies specifically to drivers from the United States, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Clauses and regulations of DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency)

If you have a UK driving license, the rental office staff will need to check your driving history when you pick up the vehicle. There are three ways to do this:

Pasos a seguir antes de ir a retirar el vehículo:

  1. Visit and click on Start Now
  2. Enter your driver's license number, your British social security number (NINO), and your postal code.
  3. Check the box "I agree" and click on "View now".
  4. Click on Share your licence information
  5. Click on Get a Code
  6. Write down the code or, if you have access to a printer, click on "Print".

The code is valid for 21 days. However, you will no longer need it once you have collected the vehicle. Therefore, you should request the code/printout a maximum of three weeks before the collection date.


At the pick-up office, you must inform them about crossing the border. You are only allowed to use the vehicle in the following countries:

Germany, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, mainland Spain, France, Finland, Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, and Gibraltar.

Vehicles are not authorized to circulate on any island of the mentioned countries.

The transfer or transport of the vehicle to the Autonomous Cities of Ceuta and Melilla, from any point in the national territory, between the Peninsula and the islands (Balearic and/or Canary) is prohibited.


The driver must use the vehicle with due care and skill. Use the vehicle according to the current regulations of the country you are driving in. Use the vehicle lawfully and for legal purposes. Use the correct fuel. Close the vehicle when not in use and ensure that all doors, windows, sunroof, removable roof, or detachable cover are securely closed. Keep the vehicle key under control at all times. The loss of the key is not covered by any insurance provided by RTK50. If such loss occurs, you must immediately notify our headquarters or, alternatively, the 24-hour roadside assistance phone number so that the car can be retrieved and kept at RTK50's facilities or the assistance company's facilities. If the loss of the key consequently leads to the theft of the vehicle, RTK50 may consider it misuse and therefore may demand the full amount of damages caused, including the value of the vehicle. The vehicle must not be used for commercial purposes, any form of motor sports, recreational or professional, off-road driving, towing another vehicle or trailer, transporting inflammable, explosive, corrosive, or combustible substances, except for essentially mineral oils permitted by current legislation. The primary driver must not allow any other person who is not listed in the rental agreement to drive the vehicle.


In case of an accident or theft, you must immediately notify the Police and us within 24 hours if the vehicle has been involved in an accident or has suffered a breakdown, even if there are no third parties involved. If you lose the vehicle, it is stolen, or it is damaged, you must, as stipulated by law, pay the excess specified in the rental agreement, any taxes, and our accident, theft, or damage management fees. We will try to recover the excess and other expenses from the opposing party, if applicable, provided that you can demonstrate that the damage, theft, or loss is not your fault and is not due to deliberate non-compliance, fraud, or gross negligence on your part. You are not liable for any charges for loss or damage to the extent attributable to our failure to maintain the vehicle or the manufacturer's warranty coverage.


The waivers limit the amount of the excess to be paid if the vehicle is damaged or stolen. Our rates include a basic level of coverage, and we will not charge you more than the stipulated excess, plus applicable taxes and our theft or damage management fee, unless the waiver is not valid.


Your excess will not be valid if the loss or theft is due to (I) deliberate fraudulent action, omission, or gross negligence on your part, (II) deliberate breach of the conditions, (III) damages caused to the interior of the vehicle, except for those resulting from natural wear and tear of materials, (IV) damages to tires and wheels of the vehicle, including punctures or blowouts not attributable to their poor condition, (V) damages to the underside of the vehicle caused by driving off streets, lanes, roads, highways, or freeways, (VI) damages to the roof of the vehicle due to attempting to enter low-clearance areas, (VII) loss of key. If your excess is not valid, we will have the right to claim damages for an amount equivalent to the severity of the negligence, up to the total amount of damages or losses we have incurred or will incur (whichever is greater), to the extent permitted by applicable law.


The rental contract holder shall be responsible for paying any parking fines or traffic violations received during the rental period. RTK50, through its fines management department, will proceed with the identification of the rental contract holder as the driver, using the officially authorized means for this purpose. The management fee for each identification is €42.35, including VAT, per identification. To process this charge, RTK50 will debit this amount from the credit card provided at the time of rental and issue the corresponding invoice.

VERY IMPORTANT: This charge only corresponds to the driver identification process. RTK50 does not collect any payment for the fine amount itself. The fine will be sent to you by the issuing authority to the address you provided. In the case of fines issued by the DGT (Dirección General de Tráfico) or the Madrid City Council to Spanish drivers, they will be sent to the address associated with your name in the DGT database. RTK50 will not charge you directly for the fine amount.

8.- FUEL

You must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as it was provided to you at the time of pick-up. If you do not return the vehicle with the same fuel level, you will be required to pay for the fuel used, along with a refueling fee of €23.00, including VAT. The price per liter of fuel is based on the rates published in the Official State Gazette (B.O.E.) and is regularly updated in our system.


You are responsible for ensuring that any additional drivers you have added to the rental agreement or any passengers traveling in the Vehicle abide by these terms and conditions. The cost of the additional driver is €7.00/day VAT included, with a maximum amount of €70.00 per driver and contract.


You will be responsible for paying any price increase if you modify the rental period or if the agreed mileage is exceeded. You must also pay the "ONE WAY" fee if you return the vehicle to a different office than the original pick-up location.


If you return the vehicle and any optional extras before the agreed-upon rental period, you will forfeit the discount or any special offer if you fail to meet the specified requirements. This may result in a higher rental cost. No refund is provided for unused days.


Unless otherwise agreed, you must return the vehicle and any optional extras on the day, time, and at the office indicated in the rental agreement. There is a courtesy agreement that allows you to return the vehicle up to 59 minutes late without incurring any charges. If you anticipate being late, it is advisable to request an extension. If you arrive late, you will be required to pay an additional day's rental fee for the vehicle and any optional extras, along with a late return fee for each day or fraction of a day that you are late.


RTK50 will make a pre-authorization on your payment card. This pre-authorization allows for a temporary hold of funds on your credit card to ensure that there are sufficient funds available to process the final payment for the rental period. If you choose to pay with a different card than the one presented during pick-up, please note that your bank may take up to 28 days to release the pre-authorized amount.




JCB, MAESTRO cards, in any of their modalities, are not accepted. Cards are not accepted DEBIT. Don't accept cards PREPAYMENT in any of its emissions or modalities. Exclusive use cards for electronic payments are not accepted.


You could book throught our web:, if you choose to pay with a debit card, it must be in your name and physically presented at the time of vehicle pick-up. Please note that you will also be required to provide a credit card as a vehicle security deposit, as detailed in point 14 of the terms and conditions.


Charges are set in the currency of the country where the rental agreement is issued (euros). When you sign the rental agreement, you agree that we will charge your payment card for all expenses incurred during your rental period.


The vehicle may be equipped with a geographic tracking system and tracking devices to locate our vehicles in the event of theft, non-return of the vehicle to the rental office, or to locate the vehicle in case of an accident or breakdown.


In compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016, which came into effect on May 25, 2018, MINICAR PONS, S.A. meets the requirements of this legislation, treating all your data in accordance with legal obligations. You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, data portability, and objection, in accordance with the aforementioned Data Protection Act and GDPR. (I) Your data will only be transferred to relevant sanctioning authorities and parking companies if they have the right to access the information and the law allows us to do so, or to verify the validity of your driving license. (II) Your data may be shared with third parties acting on our behalf for claims management, collection of debts owed to us, and conducting customer surveys, with your prior authorization, in order to improve our services. You can find more information on this matter in the PRIVACY POLICY section of our website.


We will make every effort to contact you if we find personal belongings in the vehicle. Any item containing personal or financial information will be destroyed after 28 days in accordance with our privacy policy and the General Rental Conditions. The remaining items will be discarded after three months.


The applicable legislation governing the contract between you and us will be the legislation in force in the country where you pick up the vehicle and where the rental contract is concluded.

RENTALK50 es una marca comercial de


Central Office Telephone: +34 877 990 298

Roadside assistance telephone number from Spain: +34 900 300 188

Roadside assistance telephone number from outside Spain: +34 911 119 543

Customer service:


Commercial department:


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