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Rental car fleet

Discover our fleet of vehicles.

Toyota Aygo or similar


Group A

Mazda 2 or similar

Group B

Toyota Yaris Hybrid Automatic or similar

Group BH

Mazda 3 or similar

Group C

Fiat Doblo Panorama or similar

Group CS

Jeep Renegade or similar

Group D

Toyota Corolla Hybrid Automatic or similar

Group E

Toyota CHR Hybrid Automatic or similar

Group ES

Jeep Compass Automatic or similar

Group K

Fiat Talento 8 seats or similar

Group P

Fiat Talento 9 seats or similar

Group M

Cargo Industrial Vehicles

Fiat Doblo Maxi or similar

Group VA

Fiat Scudo Larga or similar

Group VB

Fiat Ducato L2 H2 or similar

Group VBB

Fiat Ducato L3 H2 or similar

Group VC

Fiat Ducato L4 H3 or similar

Group VD

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"Everything was very efficient and quick, both in the reservation process and the vehicle pickup and return, as well as in extending the rental for an additional day."

Miguel A. Mollar


"Very competitive prices, everything was well explained at the time of contract signing, and no unpleasant surprises."
"A highly recommended company, and if the opportunity arises, I will definitely repeat."

María Ruiz Hierro


"My experience with Rentalk50 has been incredible!"
100% recomendable!
This has been my second time using their services, and both times I have experienced the care this company has for its customers. They do everything possible to offer you the best product at the best price."

Lluís i Rita


"Excellent service, vehicles meticulously cared for down to the last detail, to the extent that they even provide snow chains in case your journey takes you through areas with adverse weather conditions. Because of all this, it is highly recommended for anyone looking for a trustworthy rental company."


Instructions For Booking

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