Rentalk50 Star

Our program loyalty free.

Loyalty program RK50 STAR

As a member of the loyalty program RENTALK50 STAR you can immediately enjoy all the benefits of our priority service. All these advantages await you:

Priority service whenever you travel: forget about queues, with RENTALK50 STAR you will have the documentation prepared and your vehicle ready when you arrive.

Book directly with us, through the website after having logged into your RENTALK50 STAR account, you will be able to access your advantages and validate your preferential contracting conditions.

Up-to-date informationBy being a member of our loyalty program, you will be promptly informed of all the details about the modifications or promotions that we are implementing. You will be the first to find out about the most relevant changes.

A coupon for 2 days of free rental, when you have accumulated more than 21 days of rent. Valid for passenger cars. It will be exchanged for the group of the most rented vehicle during the 21 days. Monthly or professional rate contracts are excluded.

Discount on long-term rentals, you will be able to access our preferential long-term rates with additional advantages.

second driver, free for the person you include in your rental agreement.

One Way, free for all rentals whose destination is another RENTALK50 office.

Combined bonusIf you need a rental vehicle in a town where we do not have an office, you can request a reservation directly to our Call Center, we will reserve you with another company with very advantageous prices and conditions. Valid for Spain peninsula, Spain islands, Andorra, France and Germany. (Subject to the availability of the companies with which we operate.)

Loyalty program benefits can only be redeemed at RENTALK50 physical offices, meet & greet offices are excluded.


Instructions For Booking

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