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Motorhome return policy


Last updated January 1, 2021.


Return statement from the company RENTALK50 , belonging to MINICAR PONS SA for reservations of pre-paid motorhome vehicles using our website: www.rentalk50.com   in any of the supported systems, such as computers, phones or tablets, reservations Made over the counter or through travel agencies and brokers.


Any reservation canceled after being confirmed will carry a penalty following the following values:

  • Cancellation 30 or more days before delivery, no penalty will be applied and the prepaid amount will be returned in full, within the next 7 days from the communication of the cancellation.
  • Cancellation between 29 and 22 days, RTK50 will penalize this cancellation with 25% of the total value of the reservation.
  • Cancellation between 21 and 16 days, RTK50 will penalize this cancellation with 50% of the total value of the reservation.
  • Cancellation before 15 days, RTK50 will penalize this cancellation with 100% of the total value of the reservation.


Confirmed reservations have a vehicle delivery margin of 12 hours, after this period of time, if the reservation holder does not appear, it will be understood that the client has rejected his rental, in these cases RTK50 will not proceed to pay any total or partially prepaid amount.

If the holder of the reservation shows up to pick up the vehicle, and it lacks any of the legal requirements to proceed correctly with the rental detailed in the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT, the reservation will be considered void and RTK50 will not proceed to pay any Total or partially paid amount, except in those reservations whose amount paid is greater than € 1,000.00, in these cases 30% of the total prepaid will be paid during the first 24 hours.

Reservations made through travel agencies, brokers or Internet search engines will also be subject to this cancellation policy, except for the amount to be returned, which will be marked by the cancellation policy of each agency.


If the location of the departure office where the reservation is made is affected on the day scheduled to start the trip, due to confinement due to the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic, RENTALK50 will cancel your reservation by returning 100% of the prepaid amount . Your reservation will not be canceled if the state of confinement, alarm or perimeter closure affects your place of destination but not the office of departure, in these cases your reservation will be valid for all purposes, not being able to claim any kind of payment from RENTALK50. compensation. Once the vehicle has been collected, RENTALK50 will not compensate for early return in any case, although it is carried out for issues related to the pandemic.


Reservations confirmed through our website DO NOT allow modifications to the reservation holder or the delivery date, for this we recommend that if you want to change the ownership or the delivery date, cancel your reservation and make one again. In these cases, RTK50 cannot guarantee that you can access the same rate or model group that I previously requested.



It will be possible to recover your reservation and change the ownership of it, provided that the initial holder is present at the time of delivery, he must authorize the delivery of the vehicle to another person as an additional driver, the cost of the additional driver will be 5, € 78 + VAT 21% per day.


The owner of our computer system necessary to provide vehicle reservation and rental services is GALAXY SOFTWARE SLU Avda. Manuel Fraga Iribarne, 15 portal 4-1 29620 TORREMOLINOS, SPAIN. This company accesses your personal information only to the extent necessary to process your reservation through our website.