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General conditions of Motorhomes


Last update December 6, 2021.

This document contains the information that you and additional drivers, if any, should know about your rental. By reading this document you acknowledge that you understand and accept these conditions in their entirety. The rental terms and conditions are those that will generally govern your rental contract, although in certain cases, there may be alterations to them, these would be reflected in all cases in your contract document.

The company that provides the service is MINICAR PONS, SA with address at 43206 Reus,  #138  Falset Avenue, CIF A-43.042.274 through its trademark RENTALK50, hereinafter RTK50. This will not necessarily be the same company with which you make the rental reservation.

To make a reservation, change or modify a reservation, you must contact our reservations team at +34 877 990 298 or by mail to the following email: reservas@rentalk50.com

To make a comment during or after your rental, you should contact the following email:                                                    lloguer@rentalk50.com


Driving license requirements

When picking up the vehicle, both the main driver and the additional drivers must present their original valid driving license (category B) for the entire rental period. We can only accept original documents or, failing that, the electronic driving license provided by the DGT (only spanish drivers) through its application «my dgt»

You can download the application at the following link: https://sede.dgt.gob.es/es/appmidgt/

Keep in mind that the electronic driving license only authorizes you to circulate within the Spanish state, if you plan to circulate in other states, you must have the original physical license.

All drivers must be at least 25 years old and have a driving license that is at least 24 months old.

Drivers whose driver’s license is issued, whether from outside the European Union or the Single European Area, must present an international driving license valid throughout their rental period.

Nationals of the CCEAG (Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf), which includes countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, will need to present their valid CCEAG driving license.

Our goal is to provide customers with all the information they need to collect the vehicle. However, each driver must check if he is authorized to drive a motorhome vehicle in Europe. Likewise, you must provide the counter staff with documents that prove it.

Those drivers who have a driving license with a photographic part and a paper part must present both parts in order to collect the vehicle.

Clients must inform us by e-mail of any note of sanction or fine that they have in the vehicle registration certificate, since the counter staff could refuse to give them the rental vehicle.

Clauses and regulations of DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency)

If you have a UK driving license, the rental office staff will need to verify your driving history when picking up the vehicle. There are three ways to do this:

  • Printing the history summary from the DVLA website
  • Using the  “license check code”  on the DVLA website
  • By contacting DVLA by phone through the number 0044 300 790 6801 (Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 19:00; Saturdays from 08:00 to 14:00 GMT).

Steps to follow before going to collect the vehicle:

  1. Visit  www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence  and click “Start now”
  2. Enter your driving license number, your UK Social Security (NINO) number and your postal code
  3. Check the «I agree» box and click «View now»
  4. Click on «Share your license information»
  5. Click on «Get a code»
  6. Make a note of the code or, if you have access to a printer, click «Print.»

The code is valid for 21 days. However, you will no longer need it once you have collected the vehicle. Therefore, you must request the code / print a maximum of three weeks before the pick-up date.

Forms of identification

You will need to present your passport.

Nationals of the country of withdrawal of the vehicle will only have to present their national identity document.

Citizens of the European Union may present their National Identity Document as a form of identification.

Citizens of the European Union must present their driving license and their passport or National Identity Document in order to collect the vehicle. All documentation must have been issued at least 6 months before the collection date.

Non-European Union citizens must present the following documents to collect the vehicle: their driving license and an international driving license (or a sworn translation of it, issued by their embassy or consulate). All documents must have been issued at least 6 months before the date of collection.


Confirmation voucher / Electronic voucher

When you collect the vehicle, you will need to show the counter staff the confirmation voucher that you received when your reservation was confirmed. RTK50 or the agency with which you made the reservation, sent this voucher to the email that you indicated when you confirmed your reservation.

The confirmation voucher serves to prove that the vehicle was reserved on behalf of the main driver.


You are only allowed to use the vehicle in the following countries:

Germany, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, peninsula Spain, France, Finland, Holland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Portugal, Republic of San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland and Gibraltar.

The vehicles are not authorized to circulate on any island of the mentioned countries.

The transfer or transport of the vehicle to the Autonomous Cities of Ceuta and Melilla, from any point of the national territory, between the Peninsula and the islands (Balearic and / or Canary Islands) is unauthorized.


The driver must use the vehicle with the appropriate care and skill, bearing in mind that some models of our motorhomes have exceptional dimensions. Use the vehicle according to the regulations in force in the country in which you are driving. Use the vehicle in a lawful manner and for legal purposes. Use the correct fuel. Lock the vehicle when you are not using it and make sure that all its doors, windows, sunroof, mobile roof or removable cover are perfectly closed. Have the vehicle keys controlled at all times, the loss of the keys is not covered by any of the insurance that RTK50 can provide, if it occurs, you must immediately notify our headquarters or, failing that, the available roadside assistance phone 24 hours, so that the vehicle is collected and guarded at the RTK50 or the assistance company. If the loss of the keys, consequently leads to the theft of the vehicle, RTK50 may consider it misuse, and therefore may demand the full amount of the damages that this causes including the value of the vehicle. The vehicle must not be used for commercial purposes; For any motor sport, whether recreational or professional, off-road, towing another vehicle or trailer, transporting flammable, explosive, corrosive or combustible substances, except those intended for the correct use of the motorhome and its accessories. RTK50 may consider it misuse, and therefore may demand the full amount of the damages that this causes, including the value of the vehicle. The vehicle must not be used for commercial purposes; For any motor sport, whether recreational or professional, off-road, towing another vehicle or trailer, transporting flammable, explosive, corrosive or combustible substances, except those intended for the correct use of the motorhome and its accessories. RTK50 may consider it misuse, and therefore may demand the full amount of the damages that this causes, including the value of the vehicle. The vehicle must not be used for commercial purposes; For any motor sport, whether recreational or professional, off-road, towing another vehicle or trailer, transporting flammable, explosive, corrosive or combustible substances, except those intended for the correct use of the motorhome and its accessories.

The main driver cannot allow any other person who is not listed in the rental contract to drive the vehicle and is responsible for the entire duration of the contract, for the damages caused by its occupants.


Our motorhomes are equipped with a propane gas pump, a bottle of chemical liquid or chemical tablets for the WC, an electric hose to connect to the 220 v. Network, in addition to the different adapters to be able to connect in most countries. Europeans, it has a hose to fill the water tank, 2 parking wedges, 2 triangles, 2 reflective vests, fire extinguisher and operating manual.

On the vehicle’s key ring, you will find 24-hour roadside assistance telephones, one free if you are within the national territory, and an international one if you are abroad. VERY IMPORTANT: These telephones should only be used in the event of vehicle breakdown or accident, it is not for these telephones to answer calls due to the malfunction of any equipment in the motorhome.


The interior elements of our motorhomes are constantly reviewed and are delivered in perfect condition, RTK50 will deliver the vehicle perfectly verified and sanitized, if there is any damage or anomaly it will be indicated at the exit, in your rental contract. If at the time of arrival, our staff detects any new damage caused during your rental, the total cost of the repair will be charged, plus an amount to cover the costs of immobilizing the vehicle, if any.

The interior elements of the vehicle, such as countertops, refrigerators, heating, furniture, entertainment systems, extractors, etc. They are checked and perfectly installed, complying with all the established safety standards. The manipulation outside the common use or the manipulation of any installation, will entail the automatic loss of the deposit and the payment of the remaining amount, if any, on your part.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke or consume any type of narcotic substance, inside the vehicle, both in the driving cabin and in the home, failure to comply with this rule automatically cancels the deposit that you deposited, RTK50 will not refund any amount once this breach is detected.

The motorhome must be returned clean inside, with the dirty water tanks and the WC completely empty and clean.


RTK50 authorizes the transport of pets in Approved Carrier , the transport of your pets in any other element is completely unauthorized, being the direct responsibility of the driver, the administrative sanctions or damages that this causes.

Traveling with pets implies that at the end of the contract, RTK50 applies a special cleaning to the contracted vehicle to sanitize the vehicle and can eliminate all possible traces that this has caused. The price of this service will vary between € 180.00 and € 300.00 VAT included, depending on the type of animal transported.


RTK50 will deliver the revised vehicle and with the possible damages marked at the time of departure, you must jointly check with the RTK50 agent the exterior integrity of the vehicle and the damages must appear in your rental contract.

Exterior damage caused by not taking into account the dimensions of the vehicle (Height, length and width) will be considered misuse, and may cause the cancellation of the franchise of your contracted insurance, and you must assume the total expenses that this causes.

Any identifying element that includes the motorhome, such as decorations, serigraphs or anagrams of the model or of our company, cannot be removed by you. If this were to occur, RTK50 would apply a financial penalty for the total value of the removed item, plus damages if caused, and an amount for the period of immobilization of the vehicle while the removed items are replaced.


In the event of an accident or theft, you must immediately notify the Police and us within 24 hours if the vehicle has been involved in an accident or has suffered a breakdown, even if there are no third parties involved, you must inform RTK50. You must clearly fill in the friendly part that you will find in the glove compartment of the vehicle, if applicable.

If the accident has occurred due to not respecting the dimensions of the vehicle, you must contact RTK50 to jointly assess whether you can continue driving our motorhome.

 If the vehicle is lost, stolen or damaged, you must, as established by law, pay the excess specified in the rental contract, any taxes and our accident, theft or damage management. We will attempt to recover the excess and other expenses from the opposing party, if any, provided that you can demonstrate that the damage, theft or loss is not your fault or due to willful default, fraud or gross negligence on your part. You are not responsible for any loss or damage charges to the extent attributable to our failure to maintain the vehicle or lack of warranty coverage from the manufacturer.


The exemptions limit the amount of the excess of the amount to be paid if the Vehicle is damaged or stolen. Our rates include a basic level of coverage and we will not charge you more than the stipulated excess, plus taxes if applicable, and our commission for handling theft or damage, unless the exemption is not valid.


Your franchise will not be valid if the loss or theft is due to (I) a deliberate fraudulent action, omission or gross negligence on your part, (II) a deliberate breach of the conditions, (III) damage caused inside the vehicle Except for those caused by the natural wear and tear of the materials, (IV) damage to the tires and rims of the Vehicle, including punctures or blowouts not attributable to their poor condition, (V) damage to the underside caused by off-street traffic, Crossings, roads, highways or highways, (VI) damage to the vehicle’s roof from trying to enter accesses without the proper height. (VII) loss of key. If your franchise is not valid,


 You must pay any parking or traffic fines received for the use of the vehicle during the rental period. You must pay our bill for the time used to manage these fines or charges.

 12.- FUEL

 You must return the Vehicle with the same amount of fuel that was delivered to you at the time of collection. If you do not return the Vehicle with the same level of fuel, you will have to pay for the fuel that you have used together with an established refueling charge. The price of the liter of fuel is established based on what is published in the BOE and is updated in our system regularly.


 You are responsible for ensuring that the additional drivers you have added to the rental agreement or any passenger traveling inside the Vehicle respect these terms and conditions.


 You will have to pay any price increase if you change the rental period or if the agreed mileage is exceeded. You must pay the “ONE WAY” charge (One way trip or return expense) if you return the Vehicle in an office other than the departure one.


 If you return the Vehicle and any optional extras in advance, you will lose the discount or any special offer if you do not meet the established requirements. This may mean that the cost of the rental is higher. No refund is applied for unused days.


 Unless otherwise agreed, you must return the Vehicle and any optional extras, on the day, time and office indicated in the rental contract. There is a courtesy agreement that allows you to deliver the Vehicle 59 minutes late at no charge. If you think you are going to be late, it is a good idea to request an extension. If you are late, you will have to pay an additional day of rental of the Vehicle and any optional extras, in addition to a late return charge for each day / fraction of a day that you are late.


 RTK50 will pre-authorize your payment card. This authorization allows you to retain an amount on your credit card that guarantees that there will be sufficient funds to process the final payment of the rental period. As a general rule, this credit authorization will mean the total estimated cost of the rental, plus the established deposit. If you pay with a different card than the one I present in the delivery, you must bear in mind that your bank may take up to 28 days to release the pre-authorized money.


 Cards CREDIT or DEBIT VISA, MASTERCARD, UnionPay, American Express and Diners Club.


 We do not accept JCB, MAESTRO or AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVELERS CHECK cards in any of their modalities. We do not accept PREPAID cards in any of their issues or modalities.


 You can make a reservation on our website: www.rentalk50.com , paying with a debit card, this must be owned and must be physically presented at the time of vehicle collection.


RTK50 will make a deposit of € 700 on your credit card as a guarantee for the delivery of the motorhome. This deposit will be released during the 24 hours following the end of your contract, totally or in part in the event of an incident or charge for extra services.


The charges are established in the currency of the country issuing the contract (Euros). When you sign the rental agreement, you agree that we will charge your payment card for all expenses incurred during your rental period.


Any modification made after the final confirmation may lead to cancellation and generate additional costs. Any reservation canceled after being confirmed may carry a penalty applying the following table:

  • Cancellation 30 or more days before delivery: FREE.
  • Cancellation between 29 and 22 days: 25%
  • Cancellation between 21 and 16 days: 50%
  • Cancellation before 15 days: 100%


 The Vehicle may be equipped with a geographic location system and tracking devices in order to locate our vehicles in the event of theft, when the vehicle is not returned to the rental office or to locate the Vehicle in the event of an accident or breakdown.


 In compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 that came into force on May 25, 2018. MINICAR PONS, SA, complies with the requirements that said legislation requires, treating all your data in accordance with legal requirements. You may exercise the rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation of treatment, data portability and opposition, in accordance with the aforementioned LOPD and RGPD. (I) Your data will only be transferred to the pertinent sanctioning authorities and parking companies if they have the right to access the information and the law allows us to do so, or to verify the validity of their driving license. (II) To third parties who act on our behalf in claims management, in the collection of money that you. You owe us and to conduct customer surveys with prior authorization from you, in order to improve our services. You can consult more information on this matter in the PRIVACY POLICY section of our website.


 We will do our best to contact you if we find personal items in the Vehicle. Any object that contains personal or financial information will be destroyed after 28 days in accordance with our privacy policy and the General Rental conditions. The rest of the objects will be eliminated after three months.


 The applicable legislation that governs the contract between you and us will be the applicable legislation in the country where you pick up the vehicle and where the rental contract is entered into.

RENTALK50 is a trademark of MINICAR PONS, S.A . CIF: A-43.042.274,  #138 Falset Avenue 43206 REUS.

Central Office Telephone: + 34 877 990 298

Roadside assistance phone from Spain: +34 901 101 369

Roadside assistance phone from outside Spain: +34 934 955 125   

Customer service: lloguer@rentalk50.com

Reservations: reservations @ rent